Home prep

Home preparation is imperative. It’s putting your home or apartment in the best light possible in order to get the best deal possible. If a space is clean and in order it makes it much easier for the buyers to see themselves in that space.

Here are a few important things for the seller to do before the photographer or videographer arrive.

  1. De-cluttering is one of the easiest and most beneficial. Remove any countertop appliances such as Coffee Makers, Toaster Oven and Blenders. They should be stored in a cabinet or a closet where they will not be seen.
  2. Remove garbage pales from the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Clear the bathroom of any personal items such as toiletries, toothbrushes, used bars of soap and scales. Make sure the shower is also free of clutter.
  4. Remove any busy looking fabric, towels or bold pattern items.
  5. Store all children’s toys so they are out of sight.
  6. Moving materials and storage boxes should be temporarily moved to a space that is out of sight and out of the way during the shoot.
  7. Make sure all light blubs are in working in order to add light to photographs if needed.
  8. All windows should be closed and cleaned. All blinds should be up in order to allow natural light in.
  9. Taking these steps will help the photographer capture the beauty of your home and put your home in the best light possible.

We look forward to helping you sell your residency with our professional photos, videos and floor plans.

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